Flu – FOBT

The Flu – FOBT program was created by the Erie St. Clair Regional Cancer program and permission must be obtained from ESC RCP for these files to be implemented in your practice.

The program items below can be modified with your clinic details. Click on the images to view .pdf files



Invitation (Front and Back)

Generic-FluFOBT-invite-01 Generic-FluFOBT-invite-02

Toilet Hanger (Front and Back)

Toilet-hanger-01 Toilet-hanger-02

Follow up Reminder Card (Front and Back)

Generic-Follow-up-card-01 Generic-Follow-up-card-02

Clinic Flow Chart & Reference Guide

FluFOBT-Flow-Chart-ESC-01 FluFOBT-Flow-Chart-ESC-02



For information on ordering these supplies, contact Dawn at 519-791-7061 or dawn@hipmama.ca
(She will connect you with the appropriate person at Erie St. Clair Regional Cancer Program to obtain permission to use these materials.)