For Health Promotion Professionals | Hip Mama Communications Company
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Your next campaign starts here.

There is an endless list of things to do. And now you need to come up with innovative ideas to connect with patients and the professionals charged with their care. All while being mindful of the budget you have to work with.


  1. We’ll show you how build a campaign to target specific populations with measurable outcomes.
  2. Utilize the most appropriate tools to reach your intended audience and connect with them in a meaningful way to have them take the desired action.
  3. Access tools that will streamline event promotion, registration and items needed to host a successful professional health care event.
  4. Implement strategies and tools to connect with and engage health care professionals.


Hip Mama’s Tips for Health Promotion professionals:

  1. Presenting information in unexpected ways can inform and engage. Think differently.
  2. A design and communications professional is paramount to the success of any campaign.