Photography | Hip Mama Communications Company
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Robert Langdon said it best in the DaVinci Code:
“A picture says a thousand words – but which words?”


Along with creative and effective design, professional photography will showcase you and your products in the best light. Just as your promotional materials need to be kept current, your imagery should remain current as well.


In today’s business climate, owners and employees alike are promoting themselves as much as the company’s product or service.



Corporate Head Shots
On location or in our studio. Show your next best customer the professional that you are!


Social Media Profile Shots
Even though social media is considered “less formal” you still need to project professionalism. Don’t even think about using your latest vacation picture or an image from your friend’s wedding.¬†With many connections being made online prior to meeting in person, it’s more important than ever for people to sense your personality and authenticity.


Product Photography
In studio or in the natural environment of the item.


Sports Photography
Team/individual shots or capture the action of competition.