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The Importance of Continual Marketing

15285627_lI wish every client I’ve ever had was a client for life. Client relationships don’t last forever. People change jobs/positions, decide to/forced to use other vendors, they pass away, and businesses close – the list of reasons is long.

You need to continually be reaching out to potential new clients in order to ensure the viability of your business. This will ensure that when you do have a client drop out, you will have prospects that you can focus on converting to clients. If you are starting to look for the new client only when you have an opening, the process is longer and harder than if you’ve been cultivating the relationship all along.

You may also be more apt to take any client who shows interest simply to plug the gap. You want to make sure you are working with your ideal client rather than a stop-gap customer because the cash flow has taken a hit.

What are you doing to continually connect with your next best client? Let me know in the comments below.

If you need help with filling up the “Prospect Pipe”, we can show you how to connect and build  relationships that lead to strong client retention.

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