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Wings and Wheels

Wings and Wheels was an event to celebrate VE Day, honour our Veterans and kick off the car show season. This dynamic show featured a blend of military vehicles, historic aircraft, and 100 classic cars and street rods displayed at the Canadian Historical Aircraft Association (CH2A) at Windsor Airport.

The event commenced with a parade and opening ceremonies complete with bag pipes, horns and drums. Volunteers were available for tours of the CH2A WWII era hangar and museum.

Event organizer, Marcy Kasarda stated, “Our goal was to bring a more military feel to Wings and Wheels. We specifically chose the weekend prior to May 7, VE Day. This day celebrates Victory in Europe and the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany. We invited all our Veterans to come out and celebrate this day with us, view the military vehicles and planes and know that their service has not been forgotten. And, with the expanded display of classic cars, there was something to see for the entire family.”

The challenge:

Design a logo that has military feel, appeals to car buffs and combines the aesthetics of airplanes and automobiles. The organizer requested that the “WW” and ‘CH2A’ be incorporated into the design.

The solution:

Using a wing design similar to historic military badging, this served as a foundation to the logo. A classic car wheel was added as a central focal point. The stars impart a military feel and the “WW” and “CH2A” were incorporated in a subtle way. This is a highly detailed logo and is used at fairly large sizes – when it is reduced, the fine details are not seen.